The Three-Fold Vision

40 Year Vision

                For CBMC to become known as the guys who come alongside businessmen, right where they are, to help them become the men that God designed them to be.

Vision 650

                To double the number of cities and teams by the year 2028.

Leadership Vision

                To lead the men of CBMC to be the greatest leaders the world has known.

The Strategy for achieving the Three-Fold Vision

                Leading with love, and loving leadership, using God’s wisdom.

                We will re-invest in the lives of our Timothys, focusing on Timothy graduates.

                We will share the Vision with them and encourage them to lead in the Vision process.

                We will share about David’s Mighty Men:  3 key men, 30 leaders, and 300 mighty men.

                We will encourage them to develop lists of those in their Spheres of Interaction.  Those men wil be engaged in a variety of activities which will build the ministry.

CBMC Core Values

                Generational Spiritual Reproduction is our Bottom Line

                Teams are required for Community, which is an essential part of Generational Reproduction

                Operation Timothy is Life-on-Life Discipleship, another essential part of Generational Reproduction

                Nothing happens without the Preeminence of Christ, but everything encourages it

Discipling for Leadership

                Leadership starts with love.

                God is love and everything He has done is a result of His love.  He asks us to love Him with all our souls, minds, hearts, and strength.

                If we want to lead with love, we must love God first, and allow His love to permeate all of our relationships.  The first one that comes after God is our spouse. 

                Leadership starts in the home.

                Are you praying with your wife?  You are probably aware that half the marriages in the United States end in divorce.  That’s 1 out of 2!

                What do you suppose the ratio would be for couples who pray together? 

                One survey found one divorce in 1152 couples who prayed together.  What do you want? 

                                1 out of 2, or 1 out of 1152?